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What You Need to Know About Fluoride Treatment 

What You Need to Know About Fluoride Treatment 

Dec 01, 2019

If you have been around dental clinics often, you must have heard about fluoride treatment; a dental service that is used to address a variety of dental conditions.

Before you can come to our dental clinic for fluoride treatment, you need to know about it and here are three facts.

1. It strengthens the teeth

The enamel is strong and can withstand normal wear and tear. The strength of the enamel is determined by minerals such as calcium and phosphate which are found in food.
Due to certain factors like poor dental hygiene, these minerals can be stripped off weakening the enamel and exposing it to cracks and cavities.

When you have weak teeth and enamel, our dentist will recommend fluoride treatment to strengthen them. Fluoride penetrates the enamel and teams up with calcium and phosphate to create a defense system to fight cavities.

2. It treats various dental conditions

Besides preventing cavities and strengthening the teeth, fluoride treatment can treat a variety of dental problems such as:

  • Dry mouth

Xerostomia is caused by certain factors such as medications, smoking tobacco, or snoring. The lack of saliva makes the mouth susceptible to bacterial growth. Furthermore, low saliva production strips off the minerals from the teeth and causes infection and bad breath.

The fluoride treatment helps to reduce tooth decay and fight infection. Furthermore, taking fluorinated water will increase saliva production that will help to combat dry mouth, bad breath and keep bacteria away.

  • Periodontitis

Gum disease is an infection that damages the bone and soft tissue supporting the teeth. Without proper treatment, the alveolar bone will deteriorate and slowly get damaged. The fluoride treatment can protect the root and get rid of tooth decay.

  • Radiation therapy

Radiotherapy is used to treat head and neck cancer or tumors, but they can damage the glands causing xerostomia (dry mouth). This dramatically increases the risk of dental cavities.

Furthermore, radiation therapy will affect the dental tissues and increases the risk of demineralization, which weakens the teeth.

Fluoride treatment can help reduce the dangerous effect of post-radiation carries. However, instead of the standard fluoride therapy, the dentist will create custom-fit trays that are to be used for five minutes every day to strengthen the teeth.

The above-mentioned conditions are triggered by poor dental hygiene. Other factors that can increase the risk include eating disorders, poor dental hygiene, alcohol abuse, poor diet, and failure of dental restorations. It is vital to discuss with our dentist your risk of developing dental problems and what strategies you can take to avoid them.

3. It is available in different types

When it comes to choosing the best fluoride treatment, you will have two options: professional or at-home treatments.

At Dental Co. of Leesburg dental clinic, we advocate for professional fluoride treatment as it is stronger and offers the best results. The professional fluoride treatment is available in varnish, foams, gels, and solutions.

Depending on the type used, the dentist will brush the fluoride on the teeth, rinse it off and repeat if need be. For the best results, you should not eat 30 minutes before or after to help the fluoride penetrate easily.

At-home fluoride treatments include toothpaste, oral supplements, and fluoridated water. Although these are readily available and affordable, they are less effective.

How Often Do You Need Fluoride Treatment?

Your dental condition will determine how long the treatment will last, but on average you may need the treatment every three, six, or 12 months.

Are There Risks Involved?

Yes, fluorosis. Overuse of fluoride will affect the teeth causing stains, specks, surface irregularities, and pits. The best way to prevent fluorosis is to have the treatment at the dental clinic.

Final Thoughts

If you have recurrent dental cavities, it could be an indication that you have weak enamel. A fluoride treatment will help curb the situation and strengthen your teeth. Don’t let your teeth to weaken, come to our dental clinic in Leesburg, VA for a dental fluoride treatment.

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