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Fluoride Treatment in Leesburg, VA

Fluoride Treatment in Leesburg, VA

Unlike acne, growing pains, and other diseases that can affect young people, adults do not outgrow cavities. No matter your age, if you don’t brush your teeth and visit a dentist regularly, then you can get tooth decay. Along with using fluoride toothpaste when you’re brushing, a fluoride treatment may be necessary to prevent cavities and other teeth problems.

How Fluoride Prevents Cavities

Most children know that brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste or gel, and flossing is vital to prevent cavities that can eat away at our teeth. However, you might not know how fluoride prevents cavities.

Fluoride is necessary to prevent cavities even if you are careful about brushing your teeth and flossing. While dentists don’t know exactly how fluoride works to reduce tooth decay, they think that fluoride, which is a mineral, helps to remineralize teeth, which makes them stronger and rebuilds enamel.

Getting Fluoride Treatments

Sometimes the fluoride in your toothpaste isn’t enough to prevent cavities. Although it is present in most water sources, it is present in varying levels. Fortunately, our dentists at The Dental Co. of Leesburg can help fluoridate your teeth by giving you a fluoride treatment whenever you are in our offices in Leesburg for a routine exam and cleaning.

The fluoride found in your dentist’s office is much stronger than in toothpaste or mouth rinses. It also comes in several forms:

  • Gels
  • Foams
  • Varnishes
  • Solutions

Depending on its form, the dentist may brush it onto the teeth, give you mouth rinses, or a solution may put presented in a tray that you gently bite. After staying on your teeth for several moments, our dentists in Leesburg will advise you not to have food or drinks for about 30 minutes so that the fluoride has a chance to absorb into your teeth.

The condition of your teeth will determine how often you will need a fluoride treatment. You may need to repeat them every three, six, or 12 months. If your teeth need attention, then contact The Dental Co. of Leesburg for an appointment with one of the best dentists.

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