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The Emergency Dentistry Services We Offer?

The Emergency Dentistry Services We Offer?

Jan 01, 2020

We understand that dental emergencies occur suddenly without any warning, some of these emergencies are painful, while others are not such as breaking your dental restoration. At Dental Co, of Leesburg clinic, we define dental emergencies as injuries that affect the teeth, nerves, tissues, gums and dental restoration failure. When emergencies occur, we recommend that you visit our emergency department immediately.

The Services We Offer

We treat a variety of dental emergencies such as:

1. Jaw injury

Jaw pain is caused by various causes such as traumatic injury to the facial muscles due to sports activities or motor vehicles. which can result in TMJ disorders. A jaw injury can cause severe pain, numbness on the lips, or malocclusion.

TMD or dislocated jaw can hinder your jaw movement and impair speaking, eating, or breathing. Therefore, you seek medical emergency treatment immediately to prevent any further complications.

2. Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums can be treated at home, however, if you have profuse bleeding, you should seek help immediately. Bleeding gums can be caused by inflammation, brushing too hard, or side effects of certain medications such as blood thinners. If you have bleeding that doesn’t stop, apply pressure using a gauze pad as you wait to be attended to in the emergency room.

3. Knocked teeth

Our dental team classifies knocked out or avulsed teeth as the most serious dental emergency. If the tooth is attended to immediately, there is a chance your tooth can be saved. So, visit our dental clinic and in the meantime, you can try keeping the tooth moist.

Don’t touch the root as it can be damaged as it could worsen the situation. Plus, use milk or water to rinse off any dirt, but avoid the washcloth as it could damage the tooth.

4. Cracked or fractured teeth

Our teeth are exceptionally strong, but due to certain factors such as falling or biting hard items, they can chip, crack or break. When the teeth crack or chip it may not cause any pain, but your tongue may be injured. At times, the nerve inside the teeth can get damaged causing discomfort.

Cracked or fractured teeth can only be treated at our dental clinic. However, you can rinse the teeth with warm water, apply pressure to stop bleeding, and use ice packs as soon as the teeth get injured.

5. Toothache

Tooth pain is caused by an abscess, decay, fracture, or infected gum. Most of these symptoms may be treated at home, but if the pain lasts for more than two days, you come for an assessment.

6. Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth occur when the teeth fail to emerge through the gum. Although the wisdom teeth are the most affected, other teeth can get entrapped too and will require extraction. When teeth are impacted, they could also cause infection, decay or cavities.

7. Orthodontic emergencies

When your dental restoration and appliances get damaged or loosened, you need to get an emergency treatment to prevent damage to your teeth. Dental restorations such as bridges, crowns, and veneers can crack and get damaged and when they do, you need emergency dental treatment. This is because bridges and veneers cover your teeth and when they crack the teeth underneath will get exposed causing tooth sensitivity and infection.

Come for A Dental Assessment

We offer one of the best emergency dentistry in Leesburg VA, and we have a dental team ready to handle any dental emergency.

The primary focus of our dental emergency treatment is to alleviate pain and discomfort. We will perform a dental examination using our modern technology. Once the extent of the problem is determined we will create a personalized dental treatment to prevent any further complication.

Keep in mind, quick emergency response can save your teeth. So, don’t delay when an emergency occurs and call us for an assessment and treatment.

We offer other dental treatments from extractions to smile makeover. So, when you are ready to get a dental transformation, contact and schedule an appointment.

We are family-focused dentistry and our dentists are offering dental services around these areas of Leesburg, VA:

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