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What Are the Pros of Dental Bonding? 

What Are the Pros of Dental Bonding? 

Nov 01, 2020

Many oral processes are employed in cosmetic dentistry to successfully modify teeth for an improved smile. If your dentist suggests a different approach, you should trust that it is necessary to improve how your smile looks.

When it comes to teeth bonding, it is a procedure used as an alternative to others like dental veneers, dental crowns, to mention a few. The question therefore remains, why would you opt for dental bonding?

What Is Dental Bonding?

​It is a process of applying a resin material over teeth to modify their appearance as matters to shape, size, color, and general appeal. Cosmetic bonding is not a new concept in cosmetic dentistry, where patients are in pursuit of better-looking smiles.

How Does the Treatment Work?

​The treatment is commonly termed as composite bonding because it uses composite resin to repair and restore the structures of teeth. The initial step of the procedure is to select the shade of color that resembles your natural teeth. This will complement your smile afterward.

Then, the resin material is applied to your teeth in a putty-like state. This state makes the application process smoother and more effortless. It is then molded into the required shape, after which it is hardened using laser technology in Leesburg, VA.

Once the resin hardens, your dentist may feel the need to further shape it and polish it for a clean and beautiful finish.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Bonding?

​At the Dental Co. of Leesburg, it is not obvious for patients why they should opt for bonding treatment. In many cases, people wonder what would make dental bonding more likable than other procedures like dental veneers and dental crowns. Some of the benefits to consider are:

  • It is a quick fix – bonding procedures are among the quickest and simplest procedures to perform in cosmetic dentistry. Besides, the bonding can be completed within one dental visit, unless you have multiple teeth that need fixing.
  • It is tooth-colored – the composite resin used for this process is tooth-colored. This means that your dentist can select a color that closest matches that of your natural teeth. The result is a beautiful smile from which you cannot tell apart the resin from your natural teeth.
  • It fixes different oral problems – bonding procedures are used for multiple cosmetic oral problems, including discolored and stained teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, broken or misshaped teeth.
  • Can be used as an alternative to amalgams – when you need dental fillings for your damaged teeth, you do not have to opt for amalgams or any other metal fillings. Composite resin is used as a metal-free filling that can restore the health of your tooth through a dental filling process.
  • It is a painless procedure – in many cases, patients get through the treatment without local anesthesia for numbing or sedation. You may only need these if your underlying problem is a decayed tooth that may still be sensitive and painful to work on in dental works.
  • It is a non-invasive procedure – with other processes like dental veneers or crowns, a significant amount of your enamel must be trimmed to make room for the oral appliance. This is not the case with oral bonding procedures.
  • It is safe – the composite resin used in bonding procedures is biocompatible, which makes it safe for use in your oral cavity. You can trust that no harmful chemicals will be leaking from your tooth into your body.
  • Inexpensive – is cosmetic dentistry, bonding is among the least expensive dental treatments. It makes it very convenient for patients on a budget to beautify their smiles without breaking the bank.

Should You Try Oral Bonding?

When your concern is to beautify your smile, make it your business to find out more about viable procedures you can try out. This way, when you visit a cosmetic dental clinic near you, it will not be the first time you are hearing about the oral devices in use.

When it comes to dental bonding the advantages are pretty convincing on why you should try them. Ultimately, talk to your dentist about your concerns and explore the different dimensions of dental bonding before trying it.

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