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Five Ways to Save Your Oral Health During Halloween

Five Ways to Save Your Oral Health During Halloween

Oct 01, 2020

Halloween is here with us, and that means one thing– it is time to indulge in the sweet treats. While it is difficult to go cold turkey and avoid Halloween candies, there are ways you can preserve your teeth while still enjoying these treats.

Why Is Taking Too Many Halloween Candies Dangerous to Your Oral Health?

Candy is bad for your dental health, and consuming it in large quantities (like most of us tend to do during Halloween) can increase your chances of dental cavities. We have bacteria in the mouth that feed on sugar. Once you eat sweets or sugary foods, the bacteria will break it down, producing an acid solution.

It is this solution that attacks the enamel making it weak and prone to cavities. Avoiding sweets and candies is the best preventive measure. But, since that’s difficult during Halloween, here are a few tips that can help you preserve your teeth.

    1. Establish a Plan Early

Having a plan before you go trick-or-treating will come in handy in regulating candy consumption, especially if you have children.

      • Don’t buy candies until the night before. This will prevent you from over-indulging. Unless you have discipline and restraint, get the Halloween candies the night before.
      • Decide on the amount of time you will spend trick-or-treating. Also, discuss with your child the type of candy they can eat and when. It is important to have them wait until they get home so that you can inspect the candies and ensure they are taking what is right.
      • Give your child a small bag instead of a bucket to reduce the amount of candy that the children collect.
    1. Eat Before Going Trick-or-treating

To avoid your child from digging into their candy bags, ensure you eat a healthy diet early. This will reduce the hunger pangs and also limit the number of candies that your child consumes.

    1. Set Limits

After trick-or-treating, collect the candies that your child has collected and decided how much candy they can consume and when. This is a good time to discuss the importance of oral health and how candy affects their teeth.
Educating your child about why dental care is important will help in the long run. Together with your child, take time to decide how many candies they want to consume and set the portions for them.

    1. Give Some Away

You can have your child keep some of their favorite candies and give the rest away. This practice teaches them the importance of sharing. It will also reduce the number of candy they can take. You can choose to give the candies to other families or donate them to other organizations. Regardless of the option you choose, please speak to your child first and have them decide which candies they want to share.

    1. Brush Immediately After Taking Candy

Your child needs to brush their teeth immediately after taking candies, regardless of the number of sweets they eat. This practice will help prevent cavities from developing. Also, make sure they floss as some of the sweets can get stuck between the teeth and increase bacterial growth.

Ensure you teach them the proper brushing techniques to remove everything and keep their teeth and gums clean.
While brushing is crucial, make sure you visit our dentist in Leesburg for a comprehensive assessment and dental cleaning immediately after Halloween to remove plaque buildup.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is a coveted holiday as it gives you a chance to break the norm. But, it also presents a risk of developing dental cavities. It is crucial to develop strong dental practices to maintain good oral health.

If you don’t know what good habits can save your teeth, visit The Dental Co. of Leesburg, and Dr. Josef Wollmann will take you through the proper dental practices that can help preserve your teeth before, during, and after Halloween.

We will also discuss the various dental services we offer that can help support your oral health.

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