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Stay Hydrated For Good Oral Health

Stay Hydrated For Good Oral Health

Nov 28, 2019

One of the first things you learn about living healthy in a high elevation geographical area is to drink a lot of water. The lower humidity level means that your perspiration will evaporate faster so that you won’t notice how much water you are actually losing through physical exertion or overexposure to the heat from the sun. There’s a definite loss in the oxygen level as well so that the very act of breathing in and out in higher elevations can decrease your body’s water supply sooner that you may realize. All these factors can affect your overall health but the need for a sufficient water reserve is particularly significant to the maintenance of your oral health, no matter where you live.

Saliva is the body’s way of rinsing away food debris from between and around your teeth. The more water you drink the more support you give to your natural flow of saliva. A low flow will put you at higher risk for dry mouth which is a condition brought on by an extreme lack of saliva. Dry mouth makes it harder to chew and swallow your food which in turn could impede your digestion.

The majority of community drinking water systems are treated with fluoride for the protection against tooth decay. It’s encouraging to know that your children can benefit from this cavity preventing agent just by turning on the tap. Book an appointment today for your dental treatment!

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