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Off To A Good Start

Off To A Good Start

Nov 28, 2019

The first appointment with a new dentist may start off with a comprehensive examination culminating in a long-term plan for treatment. Intraoral cameras and digital radiology have made it possible for patients to view the images right along with the dentist which makes it easier for everyone to get a better understanding of any issues that must be addressed.

The dentist/patient consultation will cover everything concerning the patient’s oral health. The dentist will ask questions to determine just what the patient’s ultimate goals are. Does he want to upgrade previous dental work, as he had a history of gum disease or bruxism, is cavity prevention a big concern, etc? This is the time to discuss any cosmetic procedures that the patient may have in mind to improve their smile and boost their self-confidence.

Once issues have been diagnosed the dentist will present a treatment plan according to the need for urgency. He will explain all the alternative options including costs, insurance coverage and in office deductions as they apply. Patient questions and concerns will be the main focus of the consultation after which a clear strategy can be formed and a starting point determined.

Of course, things may change with time but if you and your dentist have a realistic plan in place you will be well on your way to achieving and maintaining the standard of oral health that you desire. Book a visit to our dentist today!

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