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Choose the Variety of Dental Filling Appropriate for Your Teeth

Choose the Variety of Dental Filling Appropriate for Your Teeth

Mar 01, 2021

If you have an appointment at the dental Co. of Leesburg to get dental fillings, the dentist has plenty of materials to choose from. Before you reach the dental clinic in Leesburg, 20176, it would be helpful to research which materials are appropriate for your teeth.

Surprises await you when you begin researching the types of dental fillings available to close the cavity on your tooth. You may want to have fillings that appear like your natural teeth. However, the location where you need the filling determines which type is best suited for your requirements. The cavity’s intensity also plays a role in the kind of filling the dentist recommends for your tooth.

The best option for you would be to meet Dr. Jane O. Stewart to have your tooth re-evaluated and determine whether you must have silver amalgam fillings or composite fillings that are appropriate for your teeth. The dentist is a qualified professional with full knowledge about different dental fillings and how they can benefit your teeth.

This article provides you information on various filling materials available for teeth affected by cavities and which fillings are best for your teeth.

Various Types of Filling Materials

Fillings Appearing like Your Natural Teeth

The most commonly used dental filling material is composite resin. The fillings are made from glass or quartz mixed with resin. Your dentist recommends a composite filling if your cavity is small or medium-sized or if your tooth is subjected to excessive chewing action. Composite fillings are appropriate for you if you are scared of dental work because composites are bonded in place and require minimal drilling.

Composite fillings enable your dentist to match the color of the filling to your natural teeth’ color. However, composite’s are prone to staining and discoloring over time like your natural teeth.

Fluoride Releasing Fillings

Dentistry innovations now provide new dental fillings, including glass ionomers made from acrylic acids and fine glass powder. This variety also enables the dentist to color them to blend with your natural teeth. They can also release small amounts of fluoride to prevent decay.

Fluoride releasing fillings can break, making them unsuitable for surfaces where chewing forces are excessive. Dentists recommend these fillings for use in cavities near the gum line or to fill between the teeth.

Crowns Appearing like Your Natural Teeth

Suppose you have excessive decay incapable or challenging to restore with a filling, the dentist may recommend porcelain fillings for restoring your tooth. Porcelain fillings are durable and last for 15 years or longer and don’t require excessive removal of tooth structure. This variety is suitable on the molars, which may require larger fillings, making them the material of choice.

The downside of porcelain fillings is the higher price you must pay for the restoration besides the multiple visits to the dentist’s office.

Long-Lasting and Affordable Fillings

Dentists use silver amalgam fillings to fill cavities for over a century. These fillings are a combination of silver, tin, copper, and mercury. Silver amalgam fillings are long-lasting and relatively affordable.

Unfortunately, the color of amalgam is similar to silver, and the fillings are visible to everyone when you smile. Your dentist recommends silver amalgam fillings if your cavity is on a back molar. You may have concerns about the mercury in silver amalgam fillings. However, you can rest assured that the fillings are determined as safe by the FDA and the ADA.

You undoubtedly can express your preference for fillings on your tooth to your dentist. However, it would help if you understood the type of filling you choose might either be unsuitable for the location where it needs placement or too expensive for your liking. The filling’s durability also needs consideration because some materials can wear and break off within five years while others remain on your teeth for 15 years or more.

You may decide to invest in composite resin or porcelain fillings but must prepare yourself to get replacements every five years, especially if you want to have them in the wrong location. Therefore the best option for you would be to adhere to the dentist’s advice and choose a dental filling material best suited for your teeth.

After you have your teeth filled, you need to maintain the fillings appropriately by ensuring you provide them proper care and remain determined never again to allow tooth decay to form in your mouth. Maintain appropriate dental hygiene and visit your dentist regularly for exams and cleanings if you wish to avoid tooth decay and cavities on your teeth.


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