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What Can Smile Makeovers Do for You?

What Can Smile Makeovers Do for You?

Jun 04, 2021

When you smile, it displays happiness in you but have you ever wondered how the act of smiling affects you physically? Research reveals that smiling changes your mood increases your confidence, and improves your emotional condition. This is because your moods and emotions are measured in the brain’s left frontal cortex, and smiling affects the brain.

Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable when smiling because of dental concerns. Incredibly happy people also make efforts to hide their smiles because of their dental flaws. Fortunately, a smile makeover near you is a remedy to having a beautiful smile.

What Are Smile Makeovers?

The focus of General dentistry is on preventive care besides treatment of oral conditions and issues, including tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems. On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of your smile. Therefore smile makeovers are categorized as cosmetic dentistry.

Are Smile Makeovers Similar for Every Patient?

No, smile makeovers consist of unique combinations of cosmetic dental procedures and vary between patients. Some patients merely require minor improvements, while others may need several methods.

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved and now provides you various treatment options. You don’t have to spend weeks or months with dentist Leesburg, VA, but you may only need a couple of appointments to improve the appearance of your smile. However, patients needing treatments like dental implants undoubtedly need multiple appointments because the procedure is lengthy because of the healing time required by implants.

Dental Issues Addressed by Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers concentrate on issues primarily affecting the appearance of your smile. Some common issues fixed during smile makeovers include chipped and broken teeth, discolored teeth, gaps between the teeth, crooked teeth, and missing teeth.

Is Surgery a Requirement of Smile Makeovers?

The answer to the above question is NO. It helps if you understand you are not undergoing full mouth rehabilitation, but some cosmetic procedures require surgery. For example, if you are undergoing a crown lengthening procedure because you have a gummy smile, you must prepare yourself for a surgical procedure. The situation is similar if you must have a dental implant to replace missing teeth. However, if you want to repair minor chips and cracks, the procedure of dental bonding helps you to walk in and walk out of the dentist’s office, completing the treatment in one visit.

Are Smile Makeovers Scary?

If you think all dental visits, including smile makeovers, are scary and will send you to the emergency dentist in Leesburg, the better option for you is to continue living with your dental flaws. Far from frightening, smile makeover treatments help make you believe you may never need treatment from any emergency dentist unless you confront a challenging issue needing prompt treatment.

Standard Procedures Used during Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers are unique for you and your dental needs. When you consult with Dr. Jane O. Stewart, the professional will create a personalized treatment plan for your smile. The treatments you need depend on the specific issue affecting you and range from teeth whitening and dental bonding or replacing silver amalgam fillings with composite resin.

If you need extensive procedures like dental implants, dental bridges, gum treatments, and porcelain veneers or crowns, dentist 20176 handles the procedures with care to ensure you have the smile you always dream about without rushing you through the treatment.

While performing gum treatments requires one visit to the dentist’s office, you must schedule multiple appointments if you need enhancements like dental bridges, porcelain veneers, and crowns. Matters are complicated even further when these dental restorations require customization from dental laboratories before you can have them over your teeth.

If you need dental implants for replacing missing teeth, the titanium posts are surgically embedded into your jawbone to function as artificial tooth roots. While the implants are embedded in one visit, they require months of healing time to integrate with your jawbone. Therefore there is a need to exercise patience when undergoing sensitive procedures of cosmetic dentistry to make sure the smile makeover treatment succeeds, giving you excellent results.

Smile makeovers are not similar to dental exams and cleanings and are accomplished in one visit to the dentist’s office except for dental bonding. However, if you exercise patience, you undoubtedly benefit from an improved appearance beside the ability to smile with confidence whenever you want.

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