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How Often Should I Have Dental Exam and Cleaning?

How Often Should I Have Dental Exam and Cleaning?

Aug 01, 2022

Bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease are significant teeth problems, and if you don’t take of your teeth, they can cause significant complications such as diabetes and heart disease. Even though flossing and brushing can help curb some of these effects of poor oral health, regular visits to your dentist near you help identify more significant problems.

Also, it helps identify other oral issues that may not be aware of their existence. Most people dread teeth cleaning, but it’s one of the most imperative things to do to enhance good oral health. Observing regular dental services will help halt and resolve the recurring bad breath.

So, are you aware of the difference between a professional dental cleaning and regular teeth cleaning at home? Well, professional dental cleaning is paramount because our dentist Leesburg VA has the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive examination for evaluation of the state of your oral health.

Why Dental Exam and Cleaning are Necessary

A dental cleaning provides you with a happy and bright smile. Maintaining regular appointments with DR. Jane O. Stewart for an exam help prevent a variety of problems. It is also essential in the upkeep of one’s general oral health.

Regular cleaning hygiene visits help- indicate if you have cavities, broken or chipped teeth, gum disease, or tooth decay. Also, having consistent appointments for dental exams may reveal a bigger problem. Tumors, oral cancers, and other diseases that are not seen by our naked eyes could be displayed with 3D imaging.

At The Dental of Leesburg, we offer 3D imaging to our patients to get a clear understanding of any possible oral health problems. In addition, it’s a benefit to see the same dentist during your visit. Having one dentist who knows your oral history, they’ll be able to identify issues more quickly.

What to Expect During a Dental Exam

Here’s what to expect during your dental exam with our dentist in 20176:

  • Medical History Review: inform your dentist about new conditions, concerns, or new medications. These factors help your dentist determine if anything additional needs to be addressed during your appointment. In addition, it helps determine the frequency of dental cleaning yearly your dentist will recommend.
  • X-rays and Physical Examination: Your dentist will perform diagnostic x-rays to detect tooth decay, bone loss, tumors, and potentially serious issues. The physical exam will then take place after x-rays have been reviewed. This involves a visual exam that helps look for possible decay and examine the tongue, face, lips, and gums to screen for gum disease and oral cancer.
  • Removing plaque and Tartar, Flossing, and Teeth Polishing: The tartar is removed first, and the plaque follows. Once the teeth are free from debris, they are polished. This polish has a rough texture that shines and helps to smooth your teeth’s surface. After your dentist polishes the teeth, they perform expert flossing.
  • Final Examination: Once your dentist skillfully examines and cleans your teeth, they’ll perform a final physical exam. This final checkup will ensure that your teeth are well cleaned, and your overall dental health is in the best condition possible.

Importance of Dental Cleanings and Examinations

The dentist near you recommends routine checkups at least twice a year due to some reasons that include:

  • To get rid of tartar and plaque

Plaque removal helps prevent gingivitis and tooth cavities. Plaque is found on the surface of the teeth, particularly on the gum line. Failure to remove plaque combines with saliva to form tartar, a hard substance. Tartar can lead to discoloration, tooth loss, or a decrease in the gum line. Unfortunately, it can also lead to gum disease and decay.

Even though you floss and brush your teeth regularly, you might have challenges accessing all areas of your teeth. That is why you need a dental exam and cleaning. It helps your dentist access the tight spots between your teeth and at the back of your mouth.

  • To examine general oral health and gums

Dental exams and cleaning allow your dentist to evaluate teeth and gums and any potential risk of gingivitis, including tenderness and inflammation. In addition, cleaning help identifies defective fillings and trouble spots susceptible to bleeding.

  • It helps in teeth polishing

Your dentist polishes your teeth to prevent decay and eliminate bad breath during your teeth cleaning appointment. Any weak spot in the enamel and tooth decay during teeth polishing is dealt with.

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