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Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Improve the Quality of Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Improve the Quality of Your Smile

May 01, 2022

Various factors can impact the appearance of your teeth and smile. Try as you might, you find it challenging to improve the quality of your life without seeking help from a dentist near you providing cosmetic dentistry services to make you appear pleasing.

You might wonder which specific cosmetic dentistry therapy suits your needs the best. However, you will never receive answers to the question in your mind until you visit the cosmetic dentist in Leesburg to discuss your requirements. Therefore you must schedule an appointment with the professional putting behind your dental phobia and fears about the costs of cosmetic dentistry.

What Can the Leesburg Cosmetic Dentist for You?

As dental professionals, cosmetic dentists have various procedures which they can offer after looking at your teeth, mouth, skin tone, hair color, and aesthetic preferences. The cosmetic dentist works with you to develop a treatment plan best suited for your needs to help you improve the appearance of your smile and your quality of life. Cosmetic dentists have various procedures which they offer you depending on specific conditions. They are:

Veneers for a Sparkling Smile

If you have chipped, broken, discolored, or severely damaged in the aesthetic zone, the cosmetic dentist Leesburg recommends veneers to enhance their appearance in a couple of visits to their office. Dental veneers help you cover one or all eight front teeth to hide your dental flaws permanently and give you a smile you desire that lasts forever. However, you must endure the veneer process requiring tooth enamel removal past the dentin to accommodate the placements. However, it is a small compromise to make to have a lasting smile.

Full Crown for a More Comprehensive Fix

If you have an extensively damaged tooth from injury or decay or have undergone root canal therapy that has left your tooth discolored, the dentist in Leesburg, VA, suggests you have a full Crown to support and strengthen the damaged tooth. Dental crowns entirely encase your tooth, similar to tooth caps bonded in place after customizing them for your mouth from a dental laboratory. Porcelain helps make dental crowns appear like your natural teeth. However, the restoration protects the underlying tooth from further deterioration without impacting your smile or appearance. Here again, you must spend time for a couple of visits with the dentist because your damaged tooth requires preparation, and the Crown needs fabrication from a dental lab.

For a Single Missing Tooth, a Simple Bridge Suffices

Are you confronting a situation where you have a single missing tooth in the aesthetic zone? Rest assured, the Leesburg cosmetic dentist has an excellent solution for you, providing a straightforward dental bridge held by your adjacent teeth custom-designed for you after tooth preparation. Dental bridges are excellent tooth replacement solutions where two dental crowns function as abutments on your natural teeth, and a Pontic rests in between to serve as your artificial tooth. In addition, dental bridges are durable, lasting for over a decade with proper dental hygiene and helping to improve the appearance of your smile without displaying gaps between your teeth.

When in Doubt Opt for an Implant

If you are apprehensive about dental bridges, discuss alternative options with Dr. Jane O. Stewart, who offers you the gold standard for replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Over 5 million Americans currently have dental implants as replacements for their missing teeth. There is no reason you cannot have implants to replace the tooth missing from your mouth. However, dental implants require surgery and a lengthy healing process before you can have an artificial tooth mounted over the post. The dentist can offer you immediate load implants advising you that you must get a permanent replacement for the primary load tooth in your mouth.

Dental implants are standalone applications that don’t require support from your neighboring teeth. However, the implanted teeth last for a lifetime when cared for appropriately, as suggested by the dentist.

For an Entirely New Smile, Go for Dentures

Have you lost all your teeth in the upper or lower jaw and find it embarrassing to move around in public showing a gaping hole in your mouth? Discuss your situation with the dentist requesting removable or fixed permanent dentures to get a new smile in one day if you for implant-supported dentures. On the other hand, if you select removable dentures, the dentist provides the option but requires you to visit their offices several times for measurements and fitting before having your new smile.

The Dental CO of Leesburg has many remedies to improve the quality of your smile. Kindly schedule an appointment with them today to begin your journey towards enjoying a better quality of life.

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