What Can You Expect From Your Laser Dental Appointment?

What Can You Expect From Your Laser Dental Appointment?

No matter how old you are, your very first appointment for any kind of treatment can be an intimidating time. The experience is completely new, so you have no idea what to expect or how things will go. It’s understandable if your nerves are on edge! At Leesburg Dentistry, we’ve seen plenty of patients in your shoes. We want to offer you a bit of comfort by using this article to explain what you can expect from your first appointment for dental laser treatment.

It’s All About Information

Much of your very first appointment will involve gathering information about your dental and medical history. One of the first things you should have on hand when you visit is your insurance card, if you have one. The office will put it on file to help process your payment information. Your dental office will also want to know about any and every medication you take, so it’s best to prepare a list to take with you. This is to ensure your treatment will run as safely as possible. The same goes for any previous dental exams you may have had in the past six months. The office can request any x-rays and other information from your normal dentist. Once you’re done at the front desk, you’ll eventually be called back to see the dentist.

Seeing the Dentist

The questions don’t stop once you’re in the dentist chair! Your dentist will want to know all about your goals and why you’ve requested your appointment. Now is the time to speak up about what you’d like your laser dental treatments to accomplish, as well as any and all problems you’ve been experiencing with your oral health. Upon meeting the dentist, you may also be presented with an office tour to familiarize yourself with the space where your dental laser treatment will take place.

Once introductions are out of the way, your dentist may want to conduct a brief oral exam to see the state of your teeth. They may complete a full dental exam in the first appointment, or examine half of the mouth, then save the other for the next appointment.

The main goal for your first appointment is you coming away with a much better idea of how your laser dentistry experience should carry out. Of course, we’re here to answer any questions and assuage any worries you may have both before and after your first appointment. Feel free to get in touch anytime!