The Top Three Worst Dental Habits and How to Avoid or Stop Them

We all have bad dental habits. While most of these bad habits may seem harmless, they could actually be causing long-term damage to your teeth. A dentist in Leesburg at Dr. Deidra Bird Kokel’s office can tell you about dozens of bad dental habits people have, but here are our top three worst habits and how to change them.

  1. Biting Your Nails

Whether you do it out of nervous habit or just don’t have time to clip your fingernails at home, all of us have chewed on our nails before. Biting your nails puts extended pressure on your jaw and teeth , which could cause dysfunction that’s difficult to correct.

This particular habit has caused many chipped teeth.  

To prevent yourself from biting your nails, put on a nasty tasting nail polish. If you don’t want to do that, keep a stress ball or some other small object around that you can grab when you get tempted to stick your nails in your mouth.

  1. Using Your Teeth as Tools

Any Leesburg dentist will tell you to never use your teeth to open a bag of chips, screw open a bottle cap or for any other task that regular tools can handle. You could end up chipping your teeth or traumatizing them permanently.

Instead, keep real tools like scissors or pliers handy to help with opening stubborn packages and other tasks. Your teeth will appreciate it!

  1. Grinding or Clenching Your Teeth

Sometimes you don’t even realize how much you grind or clench your teeth until you visit your Leesburg family dentistry. Many times people do this subconsciously, making it difficult to correct.

Practice putting your tongue between your teeth during the day to relax your jaw and remind yourself to not clench down. If the clenching continues at night, you could invest in a dentist-recommended mouthpiece.

For more information on bad dental habits and how to correct them, be sure to contact us.