The Why and How of Adult Braces

Orthodontic treatment has changed rapidly over the past several years. Braces were usually reserved for teenagers, but now many adults are considering them. Adult patients often see a dentist in Leesburg to get braces for issues they’ve been dealing with since childhood. There are many reasons why adult braces are beneficial, and there are actually very few risks involved with them.

Age Factor

Age plays a role in any decision to get braces. The main reason is because your teeth and bones have had a longer time to develop. Since the bones are more dense as an adult  and the roots of the teeth are fully formed, it  can take a lot longer to move the teeth. The process is similar to getting braces as a child, but it can take longer to finish the case.

Prior Dental Issues

A Leesburg dentist may have done prior work on your teeth, which presents different challenges when it comes to putting on braces for adults. This is especially true if you’ve had teeth extracted. It can be much more difficult to move teeth to a place where a prior tooth was removed, simply because there isn’t any bone there. Prosthetic bones can be used, but it’s just another challenge Leesburg dentists face.

Risks of Having Adult Braces

The main risk adults face when getting braces is root resorption. Sometimes your body will naturally resorb a tooth’s root, which leaves the tooth without a good anchor to hold it in place. This isn’t an extremely common risk, but it is much higher in adults than it is children. Your Leesburg family dentist can evaluate your teeth prior to getting braces to determine how high your risk is for root resorption.

Getting adult braces is a big decision. Before you make the life-changing decision, be sure to contact us for an evaluation.