You can count on Deidra Bird Kokel, DDS, dentistry to be on the cutting edge of technology. Learn about all of the high-tech techniques we use to find the best way to treat your individual oral health needs.

If you are a candidate for dentistry with this laser, patients will no longer have to return for multiple treatments. You will be able to have multiple areas of your mouth worked on at one time, so the procedure will be more efficient than other methods. The main uses of this laser is for biopsies, gum surgery and removing cavities. One benefit of the laser is to shorten the healing time from a surgical procedure.

The key to a better dental experience is knowing exactly what your dentist is recommending. This educational system was designed for patients to give them all the information they need to know about dental procedures and why they are beneficial, along with the risks associated with them. Utilizing this resource allows patients to be better prepared for a dental procedure and ask great questions to their dentist.

This laser is used to detect early cavities. The laser diode can detect cavities before they even break through the enamel shell, so action can be taken immediately.

This is a revolutionary computerized brush biopsy system that is used to help our dentists painlessly detect oral cancer. There is no scalpel used, instead a brush helps us remove cells that are placed on a glass slide and sent to the lab for diagnosis
This has now become the standard of care in our office to help diagnose oral cancer. It allows us to detect abnormal cells before they grow into a tumor. Detecting cancer at an early stage will allow medical professionals to combat the disease much easier.
These can limit radiation exposure by up to 90%. The technology utilizes digital sensors to download the images of the teeth to a computer.
Patients rarely get to see what the inside of their mouth looks like. With this technology, Dr. Kokel and her associates can take photographs of the inside of the mouth and display them to the patient on a computer screen. This allows you to make a good informed decision about any problems that are seen. This technology helps cement a trusting relationship because you can see what the dentist sees.

This technology has advanced over the years. Now, patients can match the composite fillings more closely to the color of their natural teeth. They take no time to harden so you can chew on them right away.

This device is used to measure a patient’s airway size and display the size of the airway in relation to the distance of the airway. It utilizes sound waves to quantify and analyze any changes in the cross-sectional area of the airway. Dentists use this tool since there is a clear relationship between a narrow and collapsible airway and the existence of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

This technology is used to measure nasal patency. It utilizes sound waves, which are sent through the nasal passageway in order to identify where any obstructions are. It helps us know if an oral appliance will work to correct obstructive sleep apnea. The tool is essential in evaluating patients who may have allergies, congestion, nasal resistance or other related issues.
Logicon technology is a computer-aided diagnostic tool to help locate and determine the presence of caries in patients. It is a quick and effective way for dentists to confirm their own findings and determine what type of action or treatment is needed on a patient’s teeth.
The days of making multiple visits to the dentist to get a crown are over. If a candidate for this type of dentistry, the Planmeca technology allows us to make your crown in the office. You’ll have your new crown within a few hours instead of a few weeks.

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