Technology Is Changing Dentistry

Scientific know-how has presented modern dentistry with many advancements.  Laser technology for instance, allows the dentist to perform numerous procedures in one dental appointment as opposed to the several that were once required.  Some treatment procedures have also undergone transformation.  

A proceeding that traditionally called for surgery, stitches and a lengthy recovery can now be done with a soft tissue laser.  A simple dental filling can often be completed without the need for an anesthetic –  in other words, no more shots!

A laser beam sterilizes the area of treatment, drastically reducing the risk for bacterial infection.  It also lessens the possibility of damage to the surrounding gum tissue.

Laser technology can be used for both cosmetic and general dentistry procedures.  Teeth whitening has become one of the most asked for cosmetic treatments.   Lasers can now be used to activate the whitening gel and optimize its effect.  It also lessens the time it takes to perform the procedure.  

Laser dentistry has reduced patient anxiety which in turn has brought new hope to people who had given into their fears and simply stopped going to the dentist.  The safety and comfort features associated with laser technology have changed the entire dental experience.

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