Talk To Your Dentist About Tooth Replacement

Dentures commonly referred to as “false teeth” have long been the popular choice for the replacement of natural teeth that have been lost to decay or gum disease.

When the loss is a gradual process patients tend to wait until so many teeth are missing that it makes the simple acts of eating and speaking clearly difficult or until the loss affects the look of their smile. At this point, the dentist may remove the remaining natural teeth in preparation for denture replacement.

Some people have so much trouble getting used to wearing their denture that they just give up. Others try using an over the counter adhesive product to keep the denture in place, but even that doesn’t always prevent the problem of slippage, which can be embarrassing for the denture wearer. With the increased recognition of the dental implant denture, wearers now have another option.

A full denture can be secured in place using as few as two dental implants in each jaw. After the procedure, the patient will be advised to continue brushing as usual and to remove the denture during the overnight hours in order to guard against infection. Regular dental checkups will assure that the implants are intact and that your denture is comfortable to wear and functional.

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