Share Your Concerns

It’s important to be on the same page with your dentist or hygienist whether it be a cosmetic procedure that you are considering or a general dentistry issue.

One of the first things that your dentist will ask about is your genetic and medical history. If your mother or father for instance, suffered more than their share of cavities or underwent treatment for gum disease, you may be more susceptible yourself.

Some medical conditions can affect your oral health as well and certain medications can cause dry mouth, inflammation or a change in the way your taste buds react. Be sure and make your dentist aware of any prescription or over the counter drugs that you may be taking.

If your teeth are overly sensitive let your hygienist know before she begins a cleaning treatment. That sudden burst of dry air or that cold water rinse could make you want to jump right out of the chair but your hygienist can work around your sensitivity – if she is aware of it.

You may be one among the many who experience more than a little anxiety at the very thought of an upcoming dental appointment. If so, don’t try to struggle through those feelings. Your dentist can offer various types of sedation ranging from laughing gas to IV medication.

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