Pre-teen and Teen Dentistry

A teen’s lifestyle affects teeth health

According to Active Living Research, as children become tweens and teens, they also tend to become much more sedentary. Snacks and sodas usually go hand-in-hand with watching digital screens and playing video games, which means kids’ teeth are almost constantly subjected to sticky food and liquids – the perfect conditions for tooth decay.


The pre-teen and teenage years are vital times for oral health. Permanent teeth are growing in, and a permanent smile is really starting to take shape. Dentistry for kids and teens can fix teeth alignment issues, cavities and other dental problems more easily now than later, and prevent them from happening again. Probiotics and prescription products can help keep cavities from forming. Just ask us, we are happy to help.

The dental habits teens develop often carry over into adulthood, so getting your teens off on the right foot can help ensure the health of their gums and teeth for years to come.

Let us help teach the teens in your family to be responsible for their own healthy teeth!


Q: Do I still have to go the dentist once I have all of my permanent teeth?

Absolutely. It is important to continue regular dental visits so we can monitor the health of your teeth and gums. Your permanent teeth are just that: Permanent. Prevention and regular care will help to make sure your teeth will be healthy and beautiful for the rest of your life.

Q: What can I do if I don’t like the look of my teeth?

Dentistry for teens today includes many options for changing the look of your teeth. We can change the color of your teeth with whitening products. We can correct the alignment and spacing of your teeth through dental appliances. Your Loudoun County family dentist and hygienist can review all your personal options. Just ask!

Q: If I’m in braces and seeing my orthodontist, do I still need regular visits with my family dentist?

Definitely! In fact, it’s actually more important than ever to see your regular dentist while you’re in braces. Your orthodontist focuses on straightening your teeth; they don’t normally clean your teeth, do a thorough cavity check or check for gum disease. And they can focus on what your teeth look like much better if they’re cleaned regularly.

Besides (and if you have braces already, we bet you’ve discovered this), braces and other orthodontic devices tend to trap food and plaque that’s difficult to remove by brushing alone.

Q: I’m afraid I have bad breath. What can I do about it?

Bad breath can come from many different sources: burped up from your stomach, filtered through your lungs, or produced by bacteria in your mouth. We have an array of products and suggestions that can help get rid of the source of any bad breath coming from your mouth. Start with good oral hygiene, then ask your dental hygienist for suggestions and help. Don’t be shy; we all have bad breath at times, even your favorite celebrity!

No shots in most cases!

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