Deidra Bird Kokel DDS is a laser dental clinic in Leesburg, VA dedicated to customer service. Today’s laser dentistry means better and painless results for patients. According to the Academy of Laser Dentistry, this means:

  • Less Need for Local Anesthesia (no shots in most cases)
  • Minimal Bleeding to No Bleeding
  • Less Swelling
  • Little to No Discomfort After a Procedure
  • No Shots
  • No Drill
  • No Numb Lip
laser dental procedure

Thanks to advances in laser dentistry, Dr Deidra Kokel and her associates can remove decay without the use of anesthesia, meaning there is no shots and no drill for most patients. We use tooth colored fillings on which you can chew, as soon as, you leave our office. Plus there is no numb lip to slow down your smile.

We use dental laser treatments to remove cavities and eliminate decay-causing bacteria. Because we don’t have to wait for the anesthetic to work ,we can get started removing your cavity immediately, which means less chair time for you. A laser doesn’t make the same whiny noise a drill does, so it is quieter than traditional dental instruments. We think you’ll find that you’ll be able to remain relaxed throughout every laser procedure.

Disease Detection

The best way to treat tooth decay is by detecting it in its early stages. It has, however, become increasingly difficult to detect cavity-causing bacteria because of the fluoride used in drinking water and toothpastes, which cause the tooth enamel to harden.

The bacteria are then forced to find cracks in the enamel and once it gets into the softer surface underneath, the decay spreads fast.

The problem here is that it takes time before the effects show on the outside of the tooth. Your teeth may look healthy on the surface, but it could have problems underneath.

As your Leesburg laser dentist, we use the latest technology to detect tooth decay. Lasers can uncover what conventional X-rays seemingly can’t identify.

Soft Tissue Treatments

For the restoration and maintenance of periodontal tissues, we recommend the use of lasers for soft tissue treatment.  This minimizes the bacterial activity and pocket depth, as well as eliminates the diseased sulcular epithelium.

Hard Tissue Treatments

Laser treatments for hard tissues allow us to treat the decayed area while preserving healthy enamel and dentin.

Our staff is fully trained and experienced in using the DIAGNOdent® laser and the DELight ErYag laser.

If you have any questions about laser dental treatments for your oral health, just ask our friendly staff!

No shots in most cases!

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