Composite Fillings


Composite fillings consist of a safe plastic material designed to restore decayed or damaged teeth. This material is available in different shades of white, so we can match the color of the filling with the color of your teeth as closely as possible.


We will prepare your teeth for a composite filling and then put the filling in layers. We will then use a beam of light to make each layer hard. Once we get the composite material exactly how it needs to be, we will put on the polish to match your natural teeth color and apply it accordingly.


The main advantage of getting composite tooth fillings is you will have natural-looking teeth. Since we can make your filling look very close to your normal teeth color, most people won’t even know you have a filling. Also, a composite filling will help support the structure of the actual tooth. This helps to prevent further damage to the natural tooth and give it a little added protection.

You have to be aware that composite fillings won’t last as long as a silver filling. But they still should last many years as long as you care for them properly. The cost of a composite filling is also significantly higher than the traditional silver filling, so check with your insurance to determine how much they will cover.

Most patients will not experience any adverse side effects when getting a composite filling. Feelings of tooth sensitivity are normal, but should go away completely after a few days or a couple of weeks.

Composite fillings are a quick and effective solution to restore teeth to their natural shape and color. Give us a call to book an appointment if you’re in need of a tooth filling.

No shots in most cases!

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