Children’s Dental Appliances

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Even when parents invest time and money into their children’s teeth, the youngsters may not realize some of their activities cause risk of injury to their endearing smiles. The staff at Dr. Deidra B. Kokel’s office can create custom mouth guards, dental space maintainers and thumb-sucking appliances. As a dental team trained in pediatric care, our top priority is to make sure your child never learns to fear the dentist!


Any child who plays in a hobby or sport (especially contact sports) where being hit in the mouth is a possibility, needs a mouth guard. Baby teeth prepare the mouth for adult teeth, so it’s important that you protect them now. Dr Kokel’s office can prepare custom mouth guards for your child. The benefit is that they fit well enough that your child will wear it. Please give us a call today and we will be happy to discuss how we can make a custom mouthguard for your athlete.


Sometimes a child loses a primary tooth before the permanent tooth is ready to come through. Usually this occurs because of injury or extensive decay. If we believe your child’s permanent tooth will take a while to erupt and that there is a possibility the teeth around the missing tooth space will shift, we may recommend a space maintainer to hold the space for the permanent tooth.


Because of the way a child’s palate and teeth grow, there are certain habits like thumb sucking that can warp their maxilla. Thumb-sucking, finger-sucking, tongue thrust or using a pacifier can damage the arch form of the upper teeth and should be stopped by age 4. These behaviors do continue in some children past that age, so we recommend intervention. First we may suggest over-the-counter options, then a pacifier or thumb-sucking appliance called a thumb rake may be needed to help stop the behavior. There are many varieties of thumb- sucking appliances and rakes that may help your child stop the behavior. Next time you are at the office, please ask us what options are available! We will be happy to give you information on these types of appliances.

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