Child Preventative Care

Child Preventative Care: Healthy, Beautiful Teeth


The best way to ensure good dental habits in an adult is to create them in a child. Brush younger children’s teeth for them until they can avoid swallowing the toothpaste. Dr. Kokel suggests supervising your children’s solo brushing just to make sure they’re doing it right until you feel comfortable leaving them unsupervised.

Starting at age 3, children will benefit significantly from regular dental checkups and cleanings by a dentist, who has experience treating children. Just as importantly, our goal at Deidra B. Kokel DDS, PC is to make your children completely comfortable with dental appointments.

To set your child on the right path to healthy teeth and gums, schedule an appointment with us. Dr. Kokel’s team cares for the oral health of children in Loudoun County and the surrounding areas including Woodburn, Lansdowne, Belmont, Purcellville, Hamilton, Round Hill and Ashburn.


The American Dental Association and the professionals at Deidra B. Kokel’s office recommend having your child’s teeth cleaned professionally every six months. Since braces make home care more difficult, children who have braces may need to come in more frequently.

We may take two types of X-rays as part of your child’s check-up:

  • Bitewing x-rays help diagnose decay between the teeth. The recommended standard of care for bitewing x-rays is once a year, although if your child seems overly susceptible to cavities, we may recommend them more frequently. Occasionally if the child never gets a cavity, we may recommend x-rays every 18 months.
  • Panoramic x-rays help us monitor tooth, bone and jaw development and gives us a guide for recommending orthodontic treatment. We recommend panoramic x-rays every three to five years starting when the permanent front teeth erupt.

Your child’s safety is paramount. We use digital x-rays, which cut down the exposure of radiation by up to 90% than traditional x-rays. We also use intraoral cameras to give us a picture of your child’s teeth. This allows us to show you what we can see.


Fluoride is one of the best if not THE BEST preventative treatments available in dentistry.

The Centers for Disease Control says that adding fluoride to drinking water throughout the US. is “one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century.” The CDC says, “Tooth decay remains the #1 chronic disease affecting children. Community water fluoridation has been identified as the most cost-effective method of delivering fluoride to all members of the community.”

As dental professionals with experience treating children, we recognize that fluoride is almost a “silver bullet” in strengthening enamel on teeth and remineralizing (repairing) areas on a tooth that are close to becoming cavities


Studies have shown that products containing xylitol (a naturally occurring sugar substitute derived from xylose which is found in birch bark) can help to reduce the risk of cavities. When used in the proper doses, these products kill the bacteria that cause decay. Ask a member of Dr. Kokel’s team for specific products and instructions that contain this cavity fighting ingredient.

No shots in most cases!

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