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Missing teeth have psychological effects on most of us.  We tend to smile less, cover our mouth more, have less self-confidence and think of ourselves as less attractive.  Yet, missing teeth can have significant physical effects, too.

You should have missing teeth replaced so your remaining teeth will stay in their proper positions. Losing even one tooth can lead to bite collapse, gum disease, cracked teeth, TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) and several other issues.  Having a full complement of teeth keeps your jaw and overall bite functioning properly.


We have a variety of cosmetic options to replace missing teeth, so we can find an answer most suited to your needs and preferences, which include:

  • Bridges – also referred to as fixed partial dentures or fixed bridgework.  A bridge is made to replace one or two missing teeth.  It can be supported by natural teeth or supported by implants.  Bridgework is cemented into place and is not removable.   It looks like and acts like your natural teeth.  This can be a good financial decision for correcting missing teeth if the teeth on either side of the extraction site need crowns.  Bridgework is long-lasting and a moderate investment.

  • Dentures – When all your teeth are missing or if you don’t have teeth strong enough to support bridgework or a partial, then a full denture may be the right choice for you. Custom made dentures give you back a natural looking smile and complete confidence. Dentures can be conventional or immediate full replacement teeth. An immediate denture is one that is delivered to the patient the day their natural teeth are removed, so there is no time without teeth. A conventional denture is made if the patient does not mind going without a denture after the natural teeth are removed. This gives the extraction sites time to heal. Whichever type of denture you choose it is custom-made in a dental laboratory from an impression taken of your mouth. The dentures will be tailored to any color, shape, or contour you decide upon.
  • Removable Partial Dentures (RPD) – A RPD can replace many teeth. This appliance is held in place by metal clasps and must have healthy teeth to attach to. The appliance can be removed for easy cleaning and is one of the least expensive options for missing teeth.
  • Implants are the best investment you can make in dentistry.  They are very predictable and  long lasting.  They require two steps.  The first step is to have the implant placed.  It acts as a “fake root”.  The second step is to have a tooth placed on the implant.  These teeth can last forever if taken care of properly and the maintenance is minimal.

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