Baby and Toddler Dental Care

Let’s give your baby’s teeth a great start together!

Did you know caring for baby teeth helps ensure adult teeth will come in healthy and correctly? That’s why we agree with the American Dental Association’s recommendation to bring your child to a dentist with experience treating children before you celebrate his or her first birthday.


Baby dental care should begin before the first tooth comes in, with daily cleaning using a damp cloth and wiping the baby’s gums gently. Continue wiping with a damp cloth until you see molars arrive.   Switch to a baby/toddler toothbrush when the molar appears, and add daily flossing when all the teeth are in.

Most insurance providers will cover your baby’s first dental appointment. Call us today for a free benefits check!


A big culprit in tooth decay for babies is the naptime or bedtime bottle, because the teeth can stay bathed in liquid for some time. We recommend not giving your child a bottle to fall asleep with. If you feel you have to, fill the bottle with water.  Even breast milk and heavily diluted juice can produce acid that causes tooth decay.


Most of your child’s baby teeth will be coming in by the time they’re 3, so a dental cleaning and x-rays are recommended for toddler dental care.

Whether you are in Leesburg or any of the surrounding areas including Woodburn, Lansdowne, Purcellville, Belmont,  Ashburn, Hamilton, Round Hill or Berryville, we want to start your baby or toddler out right with dental care from us! Give us a call and our staff will be happy to schedule a brief visit for your baby or toddler to come in and visit.

No shots in most cases!

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