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Dental Sealants in Leesburg, VA

Dental Sealants in Leesburg, VA

Although good dental hygiene habits go far in helping to prevent tooth decay, sometimes they need help. Dental sealants are an added protection for teeth, especially those at the back of the mouth where food particles can get stuck in crevices. They can be a great preventive treatment for children’s teeth.

Are Sealants Safe?

Kids are not known to be the best at taking care of their teeth. They often don’t take the time to brush them properly, and they may seldom floss them, especially if they don’t see mom and dad doing it. Using a sealant on their teeth is a great way to prevent food particles from getting into the crevices of teeth and forming cavities.

However, most parents want to know if adding a sealant to their children’s teeth is safe. Sealants are a plastic material that is painted on the back teeth, the premolars and molars, to protect them. Most sealants contain a low amount of bisphenol-A, or BPA, which has links to problems with the brain and prostrates of fetuses, babies, and children. It may also influence children’s behavior, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Fortunately, BPA is only present in low amounts in sealants, which the FDA says is safe. Our dentists at The Dental Co. of Leesburg are aware of the presence of this chemical, and they can help assure you of the sealants’ safety. If they were not safe, our dentists in Leesburg would not recommend them for your or your kids’ teeth.

How Long do Sealants Last?

Before our dentists in Leesburg applies sealants to teeth, they first do a thorough examination to look for decay. Teeth need to be decay-free before sealing them, or it can be a waste of time and money. If you’re worried about the presence of BPA in dental sealants, The Dental Co. of Leesburg offers BPA-free brands.

Sealants on teeth can last about 10 years, but they may need occasional maintenance. They can tear or wear out, so the hygienist or dentist at our office in Leesburg will apply more sealant to repair the existing one on the teeth. If you’re concerned about avoiding cavities on your children’s teeth, consider asking one of our dentists at The Dental Co. of Leesburg about dental sealants.

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