5 Best Reasons to Consider Laser Dentistry

Just because laser dentistry is the latest technology in dental care isn’t a reason by itself to pick a dentist. Plenty of good reasons do exist, however, for selecting a dentist whose staff is trained in performing dental laser treatments.

You will stop dreading visits to your dentist.

Compared to the sometimes frightening, fingernails-on-a-chalkboard shriek of a dentist’s drill, laser dental treatments are quiet. They don’t vibrate the teeth as drills do, either, so patients don’t feel much of anything.  Time in our dentist’s chair will teach you, over time, to relax.

Dentists can target their work.

Skilled dentists can use lasers to pinpoint decay.  The laser targets the water molecule in decay and explodes it removing tiny particles of rotten tooth.  The healthy tooth structure does not have the same water content and is not removed .    

You will feel better.

Lasers are much less invasive than other dental instruments. Dental laser treatments mean less bleeding and less swelling.  They maintain a sterile field so many times you have a   quicker recovery.

We’ll see you less often.

With lasers, because so often the patient does not need anesthesia, we can remove cavities on both the right and the left sides of your mouth in the same visit.  With traditional dentistry, many times, in order to keep you comfortable we have to numb every area we work on.  So we can’t work on both right and left sides at the same appointment because you need a side to chew on.   

Your kids will learn to like the dentist.

A study by Manchester University showed the source of many adults’ fear of the dentist was their parents’ anxiety during visits. A pain-free dental visit will show you and your children that it’s OK to take care of your teeth!