Risk Is Age Related

Gum disease is caused by an accumulation of plaque – that sticky bacterial film that is formed when certain oral bacteria mixes with the sugar from the foods that we eat.  Accordingly, we are all susceptible but there are a few factors that do increase the risk, some are inevitable but others we can do something about.

 Age is one consideration for the likelihood of gum disease.  Young adults are by no means immune. but gum disease is more apt to impact those over the age of sixty-five.  In fact, statistics show us that seventy percent of that age group will experience some kind of gum disease.  This may be due to a lack of preventive dentistry during the formative years.  In addition, older people are more likely to experience a health issue that will require a steady dose of medication.  Some prescription medicines as well as over the counter remedies, can cause dry mouth which is often a forerunner of gum disease.

We’re all getting older but  lifestyle differences may also predict our risk for gum disease.  Research has indicated that tobacco use will increase our chances for any number of health problems and is a proven factor in the risk for periodontitis –  another good reason to give it up!

We have one chance to stop the progression of gum disease before it reaches a more serious stage.  Gingivitis is the first phase in this escalating disease and can be treated by improving home care habits and scheduling regular dental appointments.  

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