Restoring Your Smile: How Can Dental Specialists Replace Missing Teeth?

Having a missing tooth or teeth can create a negative psychological impact, not to mention potential pain. It’s human nature to be self-conscious when you have missing teeth since it changes your appearance and your smile. Luckily, there are several options you can choose from when you visit your Leesburg family dentistry office. Here are a couple of those options to help restore that beautiful smile!


Your dentist in Leesburg may suggest either traditional or composite bridgework. Traditional bridgework involves grinding your teeth on both sides of the gap to attach the bridge. You just have to be sure to take care of the two teeth that were ground down; otherwise, you could end up losing the entire bridge.

If you’re squeamish about the idea of having your teeth ground down, composite bridgework may be the better option. Dentists will use composite materials to fill in the missing tooth without compromising the other teeth in the process. Of course, this may not be the best solution, but it does have some pretty good benefits.


Just about any dentist in Leesburg VA will tell you the success rate of dental implants is very high. The main downfall of getting a dental implant is it requires surgery. It can be a painful process with a recovery time of a few months. However, a dental implant will rarely fail as long as you have a qualified dentist do the job.

What’s Best For You?

Most of the time your dentist in Leesburg will recommend the best option based on your situation. The decision is ultimately yours whether you want to go through with it or just do nothing at all. If you need advice or would like more information about the different options you have, feel free to give us a call at any time.