Protecting Their Teeth During Contact Sports

For some professional athletes, such as football and hockey players, the loss of a tooth while playing the game is an expected accident. In fact, for some it is a rite of passage. However, for children and teens, this is not the case. Also, the cost of replacing a tooth is approximately 20 times higher than the cost of a custom-fitted mouth guard.

The good news is, a dentist for teens can help ensure a child’s teeth are protected, regardless of what type of sport they play. Some of the best ways to protect a child’s tooth can be found here.

A Custom Made Mouth Guard

Investing in a custom mouth guard for any child who plays sports is a smart option. Any dentist for teens can help ensure it is the right fit. While there are inexpensive mouth guards available at stores, better protection is provided by a custom fit one. However, in the long run, an inexpensive option is better than nothing.


Another way to protect the teeth and mouth is to ensure your child wears a helmet. In fact, this helps ensure the entire face and head are protected. When it comes to dentistry for kids and teens, many people don’t consider how beneficial a helmet can be. However, it can help to prevent serious trauma to your child’s mouth, which can reduce the potential of teeth being damaged, or even lost.

Consider Solo Sports

A great way to help prevent serious problems and oral health issues is to have your child play solo sports. When there is no risk of balls, fists or other things flying at their face, the potential for dental or oral damage and injuries is reduced significantly.

Keeping Your Child’s Mouth Healthy

There are countless ways teen dentistry professionals can help ensure your child’s mouth is protected and remains healthy. It is best to speak with a dentist to ensure you take the necessary steps to prevent serious dental issues or damage.

If your child plays sports, there is the real possibility their mouth may be injured or they may even have a tooth knocked out at some point. With the right protective items in place, you can avoid serious issues and extensive damage. If you are interested in learning more about how to protect your child’s mouth while they play sports, contact us today.