Limit These Foods to Strengthen Tooth Enamel

There are so many elements to keep track of when it comes to your oral health. At your preventative dental care appointments, your dentist may throw out all sorts of jargon at you regarding your teeth and gums and how to best care for them.

One word we’ve all heard before and immediately recognize is “enamel,” the outermost layer of your teeth. As we’ve all also heard, the enamel is incredibly sensitive. In fact, it’s the easiest part of the tooth to harm, as it is very susceptible to wearing away thanks to the food and beverages we consume, as well as our brushing habits.

You may have learned your tooth enamel is already weakening and, as such, are out to reverse the damage. If so, you’ll want to make a few changes to your diet! Here’s a brief list of what you shouldn’t eat if you’re trying to rebuild tooth enamel.


We know many a reader will balk at this item on our list. As one of the best pleasures of adulthood, alcohol is something a large amount of people would feel hard-pressed to give up. It has so many benefits, how could it possibly harm tooth enamel? Unfortunately, there are several answers to this question. The first lies with the amount of acid present in a typical glass of wine or can of beer. Much like dark sodas, the acid present in alcohol can easily strip away the enamel of your teeth. In addition, alcohol is a dehydrating substance, sucking away the moisture naturally present in your body. Drink too much too often and you’ll find yourself with chronic dry mouth, a condition which makes your mouth a breeding ground for all sorts of harmful oral bacteria and requires additional preventative dental care.

Hard Candy

This next item may seem like an obvious addition. Hard candies are pure sugar, which is known to contribute to cavities and other oral health conditions. However, any dental preventative care specialist will tell you it isn’t just the sugar you have to worry about. The hard texture of aforementioned hard candies make them very hard to chew. Something as innocent as enjoying a lollipop could mean cracking a tooth, leading to a fractured enamel.

Potato Chips

When it comes to potato chips and snacks of a similar ilk, the hardness isn’t nearly as much of an issue. Rather, the starch commonly found in your favorite potato and/or corn snacks can easily stick to your teeth like glue. This leads to stuck bits of food clinging to your teeth, which attracts plaque, a common enemy to tooth enamel.

While this list may seem like a bit of a bummer, it’s worth noting you don’t have to cut out these foods from your diet completely! With moderate indulging and regular preventative dentistry appointments, your tooth enamel can still stay protected and gain the chance to build up to normal levels. Contact us to learn how else your diet affects your teeth and what changes you may want to make.