Does Pregnancy Have Any Bearing on Your Dental Care?

Pregnancy and childbirth are often the most exciting times of life, but also the most taxing—especially on a physical level. You’re already dealing with morning sickness, swollen feet, uncomfortable and awkward weight gain and many other symptoms, so your dental care and health may easily fall by the wayside. However, any dentist in Leesburg will tell you proper dental care is just as important during pregnancy as it is before and after, especially since pregnancy itself can induce a myriad of oral health issues. To help you know what to look out for, we’ve put together this guide on how pregnancy and dental health intertwine.

Pregnancy Affects Your Options for More Extensive Dental Treatment

As with any other type of medical care, pregnancy bars you from certain dental procedures. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, your Leesburg, VA dentist will have to be careful when it comes to administering medications and anesthesia. Experts recommend scheduling your major care during your second trimester, as this is the safest period for urgent procedures and check up routines. If you’re interested in cosmetic procedures, however, it’s best to wait until after your due date.

Watch out for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can easily wreak havoc on your teeth. Like any condition involving a lot of vomiting, when you struggle with morning sickness your teeth become exposed to far more stomach acid than usual. Said stomach acid can wear on your teeth’s enamel, causing erosion and decay. If your morning sickness is particularly potent and leads to quite a lot of vomiting, it’s best to let your dentist in Leesburg know as soon as possible.

Your Chance of Developing Gingivitis Increases

Gingivitis is a very common condition caused by too much plaque collecting near your gums, breeding extra sensitivity and bleeding during brushing and flossing. Pregnant women can develop a special form of gingivitis, as well as tumors caused by too much irritation of already ailing gums. If you don’t have gingivitis, you may want to look out for any signs of it. However, if you already live with gingivitis, you may find pregnancy makes your symptoms worse. Regardless of your current oral health status, it is within your best interests to see and consult with your nearest Leesburg family dentistry.

Now that you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, you owe it to your baby and yourself to take care of yourself as much as possible throughout your pregnancy. Good oral care is just another aspect of that responsibility. You can always get in touch with us to ensure your dental health is on the right track, no matter your stage of pregnancy!