Dental occlusion refers to contact between teeth, usually the upper and lower sets of teeth. Occlusion occurs during chewing and while your mouth is at rest. Sometimes, though, occlusion requires professional intervention.

We may recommend an occlusal guard if you grind or clench your teeth excessively. Occlusal guards, sometimes known as a night guards or night mouthguards (because people who grind their teeth tend to do so while sleeping), are appliances designed to protect the wearer’s teeth from damage. (See “Grinding Your Teeth” for symptoms.)

If you suffer from TMJ, we may also recommend an occlusal guard to alleviate pain in your mouth and jaw.

The occlusal dental guard is a piece of plastic in the curved shape of your teeth that acts as a barrier between your uppers and lowers. Because sleeping with something in your mouth is challenging, we prefer to custom make an occlusal guard specifically for you.

If you believe you grind your teeth or have mouth pain or teeth sensitivity, let’s discuss whether an occlusal guard is right for you.

No shots in most cases!

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