Do You Need To Step Up Your Routine?

The maintenance of our oral health usually consists of a regular routine of brushing and flossing, eating the right foods and avoiding the harmful ones, and seeing our dentist for six month checkups and cleanings. Most of us will do well following such a plan but others may need to do even more. There are over the counter and professional strength products that can be added to your routine to meet your particular needs.

There are toothpastes for instance, that contain the extra fluoride to fight against cavities in both children and adults. Families who live in rural areas and don’t have the benefit of a fluoridated drinking water supply need the protection that a safe and effective in-office fluoride treatment can provide.

Some people like to start off the day with a quick rinse of refreshing mouthwash as the finish up to their morning routine. It’s usually just a matter of preference whether to rinse or not but for some an antibacterial mouthwash can help to prevent gum disease. It could be a matter of genetics or a history of poor oral health habits but certain people do seem to be more vulnerable than others. If you are prone to developing canker sores an antibacterial mouthwash may help.

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