What to Do When You Have Missing Teeth – for No Reason

You probably already know the average adult mouth has 32 teeth—or 28 teeth at the very least, if wisdom teeth have been removed. However, sometimes people have a genetic birth defect causing some permanent teeth to not come in at all. When a single permanent tooth doesn’t come in, it affects the rest of the teeth because of the extra space. Luckily, your Leesburg, VA dentist can provide you with treatment options for your missing teeth. Here are the main things you need to do when you have missing teeth – for no reason.

Orthodontic Procedure

Your dentist in Leesburg will likely recommend you see an orthodontist if you have missing teeth. The orthodontist will have to use braces to move the teeth into correct positions in order for the dentist to fill in the gaps. Since it’s possible the bone is missing from where the tooth should be, your teeth can easily shift. Orthodontic procedures can align the teeth properly so your dentist can ensure perfect placement of the artificial teeth.

Dental Implants

Most adults will opt for dental implants when they have missing teeth. As long as you have healthy jawbones and gums, you should be a good candidate for implants. These will look and feel like regular teeth since they are a permanent solution, as opposed to dentures.

Trust Your Dentist and Orthodontist

It’s important to understand your orthodontist and your dentist at the Leesburg family dentistry are working as a team to help you. You can’t effectively replace your missing teeth without both of them, so you have to trust the process.

Don’t wait any longer to replace your missing teeth. Be sure to contact us to set up an initial appointment to determine the best action to take to ensure you have a full smile again!