How Does Teeth Whitening Really Work?

When it comes to teeth whitening, everyone wants their results to be immediate. While there certainly are ways to make your teeth whiter more quickly, the best results come over time. When you visit your dentist in Leesburg, VA, he will tell you exactly how the teeth whitening process works, so your expectations will be set properly. You can get professional whitening done, or you could opt for the in-home process. Here is some information about each.

Professional Teeth Whitening

There are two main types of professional teeth whitening procedures to be aware of, and they both require you to visit a Leesburg family dentist.  They are laser whitening and professional trays.

  • Laser whitening – This is the method to use if you want nearly instantaneous whitening. It involves a gel being coated on your teeth and a laser being positioned over the gel. It takes a couple of hours, but your teeth will be clearly whiter than when you first sat down in the chair.


  • Professional traysLeesburg dentists will make an impression of your teeth to fabricate a customized tray for them. You’ll then put a special gel in the tray and place it over your teeth.  You wear the trays with the gel in place from  30 minutes to overnight and do it for several days.  It takes a few times before you start to see long lasting results.  You can also request a stronger bleaching gel to expedite the process.

In-Home Teeth Whitening

Over the counter treatments are similar to the professional trays, but the gel will be much less intense containing less of the active ingredident it takes to bleach the teeth. This is less costly,  however the process will take much longer before you have white teeth.  Long-term results can be better than laser whitening because you can keep it up yourself.

Whether you want a professional teeth whitening by a Leesburg dentist, or just want to know your options for  over the counter whitening, be sure to contact us.