Late Stage Gum Disease Can Be Prevented

The startling statistic is that 75% of the american adult population suffer some level of gum disease. Is it a matter of genetics or is it due to years of ignoring our dental health? Actually it can be either, or a combination of both. Though we may be stuck with our genetic makeup, we can certainly take steps to improve the way we care for our teeth and gums.

Gum disease is caused by the acidic bacteria in the plaque that thrives on the sugar and starch in the foods that we eat. Gingivitis can be a prelude to periodontitis but it doesn’t have to be. Gingivitis can be treated before it can advance to more serious levels. A home program of regular brushing and flossing along with embracing a healthier diet and lifestyle can help to reverse the condition and prevent further risk.

Studies have substantiated the fact that our dental health is closely related to our overall physical health. There are specific correlations between oral disease and diabetes, heart attack and stroke. As important as is is to maintain a healthy regimen of home care it is essential that we keep regularly scheduled appointments with our dentist and hygienist. Having our teeth cleaned every six months is necessary in the fight against the dangers of plaque buildup.

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