High Standards Earn Approval

Does it really matter which brand of toothpaste you use?  They all offer formulas that claim to whiten, brighten or desensitize your teeth as you brush. The main factor to consider in choosing a toothpaste is its ability to prevent cavities and protect gums from disease.  Any toothpaste worthy of the ADA Seal of Acceptance has been proven to do that.  Look for the Seal of Acceptance which is displayed on the package label.  You can also find a list of products that have earned the Seal on the ADA website.

What qualities does the ADA look for in granting its approval?    There are certain criteria that the manufacturer of a product up for approval must meet.  A list of ingredients is submitted to the committee along with proof of research and testing showing that the product actually can deliver on its claims.  Packaging and advertising promotions will also be examined for authenticity and composition.

The company being considered may be asked to be agreeable to an inspection of the product manufacturing if and when it is requested. This may be to confirm that conditions are safe and that the processing is well supervised.  

If you are confused by the number of dental products on the market today, ask your dentist or hygienist for more information and possible recommendations.  Partner with the team at Deidra Bird Kokel, DDS in Leesburg, call the office today @ 703-997-1313