How to Help Your Teething Baby

Having a cranky baby is no parent’s idea of a good time. As a parent, you will have to figure out what ailments are making your baby fussy. When your baby starts to get teeth, you will have to find ways to soothe the pain they feel. Around the six month mark, your baby should start getting teeth. Incessant chewing and drooling are two of the most common signs you will notice when new teeth are on the horizon. Offering some relief for the pain that accompanies teething is easy when taking the following things into consideration.

Rubbing the Baby’s Gums

As any baby dental care professional will tell you, rubbing your child’s gums when they are teething can work wonders. Before doing this, be sure to wash your hands and get a small piece of gauze pad to put on your finger. Once your finger is inside the baby’s mouth, you will need to apply a bit of pressure to the gums. This pressure is a great way to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort your child may feel.

Be Cool About the Situation

Wetting a washcloth with cold water or even chilling a teething ring can help a baby in pain from new teeth breaking through the gums. Most of the toddler dental care professionals out there will inform you just how much relief can be offered when putting these cooler items on a baby’s gums. Freezing a teething ring and then giving it to a baby can be harmful. The extreme cold can cause even more pain and discomfort.

Solid Foods Are Great

Another thing baby dental care professionals recommend when trying to alleviate the pain of teething is letting a child gnaw on solid foods. A peeled cucumber or carrot can help a baby apply pressure to their gums in an attempt to get rid of the pain they feel. Be sure to keep a close eye on your baby when allowing them to gnaw on these foods. If a piece of the food breaks off, you will need to act quickly to remove it.

If your child still seems to be in pain after trying some of these suggestions, then you may need to reach out to a toddler dental care professional.  Our family dentist in Loudoun County, VA will be able to offer you and your child the help needed to get through the teething process. Be sure to contact us when in need of guidance regarding your child’s oral health.