Does Your Family Have A Dental Home?

Those of us who have an established long term relationship with a family dentist are at an advantage when it comes to maintaining good oral health for ourselves and our loved ones. A dental home is by definition “…inclusive of all aspects of oral health care…” It’s more than just going to the dentist when you have a toothache or to have your teeth whitened for some special occasion.

The professionals of your dental home are genuinely concerned about your well being. They will take the time to get to know the medical history of each and every family member, any proclivities they may have for tooth decay or gum disease for instance, and any personal habits that could affect their oral health.

Everyone going to the same dentist is not just a matter of convenience in today’s busy lifestyle although it is a consideration. But more importantly is the assurance that comes when being greeted by an office staff that knows your family members by name and is genuinely interested in their well being.

If a family dental home sounds good to you do some research. Word of mouth recommendations are an excellent source and internet websites are full of information about the dental practice, the services they offer, patient reviews and pertinent contact information.

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