Effectiveness of Invisalign at Different Ages

Some people have considered getting Invisalign for years, but have never pulled the trigger. Age plays a big role in determining whether Invisalign will be effective. However, when you visit professionals who practice in cosmetic dentistry in Loudoun County, VA, you may be surprised to hear the answers to some common questions.

Invisalign can actually be beneficial to people of all ages, but there are some factors that play important roles in the effectiveness. Here are some of the most important factors to consider.

Bone Density is Important

When you go in for your initial consultation with a professional offering cosmetic dentistry in Loudoun County, VA services, your dentist will check your bone density. This is actually more important than your age when it comes to the effectiveness of Invisalign. Of course, older people tend to not have as much bone density as younger people, so that is one of the main reasons why age is a factor. If a patient has bone density problems, then some teeth may not move as much, while others move with ease.

Timelines May Vary

Since a younger mouth is generally healthier than an older mouth, older people may have to wear Invisalign longer to be more effective. However, if older people visit the dentist they use for cosmetic dentistry in Loudoun County, VA on a regular basis, then age may not play as big of a role as you may think, since the teeth will be healthier.

People of All Ages Can Benefit

While your dentist offering cosmetic dentistry in Loudoun County, VA may not recommend for younger teens or older seniors to get Invisalign, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The effectiveness of Invisalign usually depends more on the health of your teeth, rather than solely your age. But since health and age are somewhat related to an extent, it’s easy to see how older people could be concerned.

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