How Effective are Off-the-Shelf Mouth Guards?

One of the best ways to increase a child’s self-esteem is by allowing them to play sports. In most full contact sports, children will need to wear a variety of protective equipment to keep them safe. When attempting to keep a child’s teeth from getting damaged during football, basketball or baseball games, you will need to find the right mouthguard. While there are a number of off-the-shelf mouth guards out there, for the most part, custom mouthguards are usually better. Here is some information on off-the-shelf mouthguards and whether or not they are better to use than a custom guard.

Off-The-Shelf Mouthguards and How They Fit?

One of the main concerns most parents have when getting a mouth guard for their child is how well it fits. When getting a dental space maintainer, you will have to ensure it is a snug fit in order to reduce damage done in the event of a blow to the mouth. Most of the off-the-shelf guards are boil-and-bite fit. This means you will need to get the rubber hot enough so it is pliable and then let your child bite down on it. Custom mouthguards will provide your child with a much better fit and can offer far more protection.

The off-the-shelf mouth guard will protect your child’s teeth, but there are limitations to how well they work. If the child wearing the mouthguard grinds their teeth, it may not offer the full protection needed. Improper molding and thin rubber can lead to the teeth not getting the protection needed.

Getting Custom Fit Mouth Guards

If at all possible, you will need to get a custom fit mouth guard for your child. When in need of custom mouth guards, be sure to contact your dentist. They will be able to take a mold of your child’s teeth and construct the guard needed for maximum protection. These guards are extremely durable and protect teeth and help to alleviate jaw tension. The money invested into this custom guard will be worth it due to the amount of protection it can offer your child’s teeth during a sporting event.

Whether in need of mouth guards or thumb sucking appliances, getting help from a reputable dentist is a must. You can contact us to find out more about the custom mouthguards we can offer and to schedule a consultation.