Early Detection Can Make All The Difference

The most important factor in controlling cavities is prevention but even with the best of home habits, proper diet and regular professional care, tooth decay can develop.  Early detection is the next best thing to prevention.  The sooner a cavity is discovered the easier the treatment will be.  In some cases it may even be possible to reverse the process.

Dentists used to have to rely on probing tools or conventional x-rays to detect a cavity.  The problem was that by the time the cavity was found using these methods it had already advanced significantly.  Thanks to the increased growth in the field of dental technology dentists can now identify a cavity at its earliest stage.

Diagnodent for instance, introduces a fluorescent laser beam that can illuminate the presence of the tiniest bit of decay on the surface of a tooth.  The detection procedure is pain free and highly accurate and will not disturb the protective surface enamel.

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