Do You Believe in These Laser Dentistry Myths?

When it comes to dentistry, patients can unfortunately be bombarded with all sorts of false information. In fact, while this applies to any medical field out there, it seems dentistry has the worst luck in this regard. All sorts of patients arrive already terrified of what kind of treatment they’ll receive, only to realize later during the day they were previously misinformed and the dental office really isn’t such a scary place. Similarly, over the years laser dentistry has developed a bad wrap, which hopefully will be cleared up through this article.

Myth #1:  Laser Dentistry Is Expensive

Yes it is true that laser dentistry can be an expense, especially if you need extensive treatment. However, the benefits of this particular brand of dental treatment make it well worth the investment in your future! Furthermore, at most practices you are never expected to pay the full cost of your treatment upfront. Traditionally the dentist office will be willing to work with you and your insurance provider to ensure you’re set up with a payment plan you can afford.

Myth #2:  Laser Dentistry Is Painful

This may certainly sound the case thanks to the lasers involved, which you may assume to be white hot and even sear into your gums with a zapping noise. However, this is very much untrue! Laser dentistry is designed to be noninvasive and pain-free. Furthermore, the provider and their staff have been professionally trained to ensure your laser surgery goes smoothly and comfortably.

Myth #3:  Regular Dental Surgery and Laser Procedures Are One In the Same

Not quite! It’s true scalpel surgery and laser surgery are used to achieve the same goals; however, on procedural and endgame levels, they couldn’t be more different. Scalpels actually cut into your oral tissue and require painkillers throughout the procedure. When your chosen dentist uses a scalpel for your surgery, you may experience bleeding, swelling and other unpleasant effects. This isn’t so with laser surgery. As stated before, it is 100 percent noninvasive. The laser will make contact with your gums, but you won’t feel it and your gums won’t suffer from nearly as many negative side effects.

How does this blog rate at dispelling your misconceptions? We hope this article will help you to schedule your next appointment with our Leesburg family dentistry group with little to no apprehension. Get in touch to learn more about laser dentistry and how it may be right for you!