What Are the Disadvantages and Benefits of Veneers?

If you have teeth you aren’t proud of, chances are you don’t smile as much as you want to. This is common among people with unsightly teeth, but the good news is this problem can be fixed. Cosmetic veneers have benefits and disadvantages, but many people turn to them as a quick fix. If you’ve been thinking about getting veneers, here are some of the good and bad things about them.

Disadvantages of Veneers

While there aren’t many side effects for teeth veneers, people can expect some slight sensitivity at first. Hot or cold food and drinks can be a little uncomfortable for a while, but this type of senstivity is usually fleeting.

Porcelain veneers are great, but if one breaks, it generally can’t be repaired. In most cases, the solution to a broken veneer is to receive an entirely new veneer, which will quickly become expensive.

Getting fitted for cosmetic veneers isn’t difficult, but it could take multiple visits to the dentist’s office. If you have anxiety about visiting the dentist, you’ll have to keep this in mind.

Benefits of Veneers

The vast majority of people say the benefits of dental veneers outweigh the disadvantages. Veneers can greatly improve your appearance, as well as the shape and color of your teeth. Unlike teeth whitening, veneers are nearly permanent with regards to their appearance if they’re taken care of properly.

Porcelain veneers are stain resistant and durable as well. Best of all, they don’t require any additional care. Just brush them and care for them like you would your natural teeth!

Finally, cosmetic veneers give instant results once the treatment is finished. Unlike many other teeth whitening or straightening procedures, getting veneers will give you perfect looking teeth as soon as you get out of the dentist chair.

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