Could You Be Making These Errors With Your Dental Care?

Practicing good dental hygiene is the best way to avoid dental problems in the future. However, we all make mistakes with our dental care. Your dentist in Leesburg at Dr. Deidra Bird Kokel’s office can help you identify some possible flaws in your dental care routine, and most of them just require simple changes. Here are some common errors people make with their dental care, which can be easily corrected.

  1. Not Focusing on Brushing

We all have busy lives, but it only takes a couple minutes to brush your teeth. Put your phone down or turn off the television while you’re brushing your teeth, so you can focus on getting every tooth clean.  When you aren’t focused on brushing, you may scrub some areas longer than others, which can damage tooth root surfaces and gums.

  1. Not Staying Hydrated

Any dentist in Leesburg VA will tell you how important it is to your oral health to stay hydrated. Dry mouth is a problem with adults.  It is one of the most common reasons for bad breath and can be a cause of tooth decay.  

  1. Using the Incorrect Brush

Using a toothbrush with soft bristles is the best route to go. If your toothbrush is hard, you could be causing more harm than good. The gentler the pressure on your teeth and gums, the less likely you will do damage to these structures.

  1. Avoiding the Dentist

People avoid the dentist for a variety of reasons. No matter what your reason is, make it a point to visit your dentist in Leesburg on a regular basis (every six months is the standard of care).   Just because you aren’t aware of problems with your teeth doesn’t mean you are clear of any issues.

These are simple but common dental care errors people make everyday. If you would like more information about other common errors you may be making, be sure to contact us.