A plan to help keep your dental care affordable if uninsured.

I understand that many Americans do not have access to a dental insurance plan because of cost and availability. My grandmother fell into this situation and I watched as she sacrificed things she needed to get dental work completed. I don’t want this to happen to people. A dental problem should never turn into a financial problem. To help I decided to come up with a very affordable in house dental wellness program that will allow all of my Loudoun neighbors to have access to routine preventative dental care at a fair price. Should you need more than just “the basics” the plan is designed to make state of the art dental work possible, not impossible.


You are eligible for the Dental Wellness Program if:

You do not have dental insurance

** Please note, this program is not dental insurance but an in house service Dr Kokel provides to patients as a way to extend state of the art dental care to those without insurance.

Membership Guidelines

  • The membership enrollment fee must be paid before services or procedures are performed.
  • If a participant does not use his/her benefits, the plan is NON REFUNDABLE and benefits will not roll over to the next plan year.
  • Participants must pay their portion of the procedure cost on the day service is performed.
  • Program benefits do not include in house dental products.

This plan cannot be used with the following:

  • Other in house offers at Dr Kokel’s office
  • Other Insurance Dental/Medical Plans
  • Injuries covered under an accident policy
  • Treatments Dr Kokel and her associates are not experts at
  • Specialists that Dr Kokel refers to
  • Dental costs that are covered under an automobile medical policy
  • Hospital charges of any kind

Please call us today at 703-997-1697 to learn more about our wellness program for patients.

Dental Wellness Program:

  • Initial Cleaning and Comprehensive Exam
  • Cavity Detection X-Rays
  • Follow-Up Dr. Consult
  • 6 Month Periodic Exam
  • 6 Month Routine Cleaning
  • Fluoride (2X’s yr)

This program is only accepted at Deidra B Kokel DDS, PC
Additional Services are 20% off –In office products are excluded from this offer
We accept Visa/MC/Disc/Am Ex/Cash or Check only when using the Dental Wellness Program

Plan Options

  • Type
  • Enrollment Fee
  • Single User
  • Family of 2*
  • Family of 3 or 4**

* Family of 2 is parent and child or husband and wife only**Family of 3 or 4 is mother/father and 1 or 2 children. Each additional child will be assessed a small fee.

** This is not an insurance plan but an in house discount program. **