Manage Your Dental Visit Anxiety

If you aren’t afraid of the dentist, you are one of the minority. A large percentage of people have at least a little bit of fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. Luckily, if you are afraid, there are some steps you can take to reduce your anxiety to the point where it eventually becomes non-existent. Avoiding your dental preventative care appointments is the worst thing you can do, and could lead to major dental health issues in the long run (and more anxiety as a result). Here are some things to keep in mind to help manage your dental anxiety.

Understand Where Your Anxiety Comes From

One of the most common sources of dental anxiety is the lack of control. It can be intimidating to have the dentist stand over you and be in control of what’s happening in your mouth. Other sources of anxiety could come from watching television or movies and seeing people be fearful of the dentist. On a personal note, you or someone you know may have had a bad dentist experience which sticks in your mind.

Find a Good Dentist and Talk to Them

When you understand where your anxiety stems from, you can talk with your dentist to help calm your nerves. Even with the best preventative dental care routines you do at home, it’s still important to find a good dentist for regular check-ups. Good dentists will accommodate any requests you have, such as not reclining the chair too far back, talking you through every step of the process and so on. Simply having a ten-minute discussion with your dentist will go a long way in managing your dental anxiety.

The best dental preventative care offices will allow patients to talk with their dentists before undergoing even a simple teeth cleaning. If that will help you relieve some of your dental anxiety, feel free to contact us and we will accommodate you in any way you need.