Dental Crowns Have Undergone Improvements

A dental crown is a dual purpose in that while it conceals any chips or discolorations the fact that it encases the entire tooth also allows protection from further invasion. Technology has made this cosmetic procedure even more popular with the advent of the same day dental crown.

It used to be that the process of making a dental crown involved creating a mold of the tooth and sending to an independent laboratory to be used as a pattern for the construction of the crown. It would not be unusual to have to wait a few weeks for completion. A “temporary” crown was provided to the patient for cosmetic purposes and for the protection of the natural tooth. This part of the process is no longer necessary for the innovation of the same day crown.

Now, with digital scanning, computer design and in office facilities a crown can be made and installed all in one visit. This is advantageous in more ways than one. Yes, it saves time and re-scheduling but a temporary crown is just that and is not nearly as resilient as a permanent one, there is some risk that it could become dislodged. Same day crowns eliminate that possibility.

Removing the need for off-site lab fees and additional appointments make getting a dental crownless expensive than patients may imagine. Call Deidra Bird Kokel, DDS to find out more. Call today @ 703-997-1313 in Leesburg, VA.