Coffee Lowers Oral Cancer Risk

Coffee lovers rejoice! There may actually be a proven benefit to your long-term health when it comes to drinking coffee. Some preliminary studies have shown people who drink at least four cups of coffee every day can reduce their dental cancer risk by nearly 50%. How does this actually work? Continue reading to find out about the study.

Antioxidants Play a Key Role

The American Cancer Society conducted the study to determine findings about people who drank tea and coffee on a regular basis. When looking at the results, people who drank four or more cups of coffee every day had a significantly lower risk of getting dental cancer.

The key in preventing this type of cancer is the antioxidants and other compounds in the coffee, rather than the caffeine that it’s known for. Since this is just a preliminary study, not all oral oncology offices will recognize coffee as a major cancer prevention method, however.

Further Research is Still Required

If nothing else, this preliminary information will give researchers a basis to conduct further studies on the topic. Since the studies aren’t proven yet, don’t be surprised if your dental oncologist doesn’t believe strongly in coffee as being a cancer prevention method. But once further studies are conducted, there’s a very good possibility that more benefits to coffee will come out.

Any time a common food or drink is determined to prevent or reduce the risk of cancer, it’s worth looking into. Coffee has plenty of benefits, but it also has plenty of downfalls when it comes to your dental health. Whether or not it becomes proven to be a cancer prevention method, coffee drinkers can drink up knowing the potential benefits.

For more information about how coffee could potentially lower oral cancer risk, feel free to contact us at any time.